The Stage – Crítica “Agora e na Hora de Nossa Hora”

Abaixo a crítica de Alistair Smith, publicada no The Stage (

Writer and performer Eduardo Okamoto’s one-man show takes as its inspiration the true story of the Candelaria Slaughter – when in 1993, Brazilian policemen killed eight street children in the middle of Rio de Janeiro.

Okamoto plays Pedrinha, another street kid who has witnessed the killings while hidden on top of a newsstand.

At first, we find this child – like a kind of feral cat – hunting for rats and we follow him on a journey that sees him get high on crack, eat stones and engage in various quasi-religious rituals.

The thread of the story is not always clear – partly intentionally to reflect Pedrinha’s mental state, partly because large swathes of the production has him muttering in Portuguese – but Okamoto’s energetic performance is enough to carry the production along, despite its vagaries.

He is physically hugely impressive, adopting the twitches and mannerisms of someone living on the very edge of sanity and society. At one point he tries to make a drum beat by banging his head against the floor.

It is a disturbing and deeply affecting performance and one which has clearly been honed over a number of years of touring the show and from first-hand experience working with street children. This is not an easy production to watch – and sometimes to follow – but it is one that is very much worth seeing.

Crítica por Alistair Smith



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