Eldorado : actor’s dramaturgy and intraculture

The objective of the present work is to localize actor´s dramaturgy in the Brazilian context. Its realization was possible departing from the interaction with, observation and imitation (Lume – The Interdisciplinary Nucleus of Theatrical Research of the State University of Campinas has named and systematized these procedures as Body Mimesis) of manufacturers (luthiers) and players of rabeca – Brazilian fiddles: an instrument with bow and string, as the violin, present in several manifestations of popular tradition in Brazil. This thesis is the theoretical synthesis of an actor´s research, wich resulted in the performance “Eldorado”. Actor´s dramaturgy is a possibility of theatre’s creation in which the narrative of the show is based on the organization of a physical and vocal repertoire previously encrypted by the actor. Today, this actor´s dramaturgy is strongly influenced by cross-cultural principles studied by Theatre Anthropology. This field of research recognizes the actor’s bios scenic studying various theatrical traditions in different seasons and geographies. Instead of this cross-cultural examination, this thesis proposes an actor´s dramaturgy based on the local circumstances: an actor´s dramaturgy in the intracultural research. This study has developed the complementary face of the Theatre Anthropology: instead of the research of general principles of the actor´s work, it intends to create this dramaturgy based on the experience of specific features – and its specific dialogue with the general principles