Eduardo Okamoto is an actor, bachelor (2001), master (2004) and PhD in Performing Arts (2009) at UNICAMP (State University of Campinas, Brazil). He has been called “one of the best actors of his generation” (O Tempo newspaper) and an “exponent of the theatrical scene” (Bravo magazine). He received several distinctions, like the nomination for the Shell Award for the best actor of the year (2009), one of the most prestigious acknowledgements in Brazil.

Born 1980, he lives in Campinas and studies the relationship between corporeity and dramaturgical production (actor’s dramaturgy), under the supervision of researchers like Prof. Suzi Frankl Sperber, PhD, as well as of the Lume Theater Group.

In the year 2004 he debuts “Now and at the Time of Our Turn”, directed by Veronica Fabrini. This solo play was his revelation in Brazil, as well as abroad: in Spain and Switzerland (2006), Kosovo (2007) and Morocco (2008). He obtained the award as best male actor at the Agadir Festival. And the press praised his work: “formidable interpretation“ (Corriere del Ticino); “a play able to change the world” (Folha de São Paulo).

He is the author of a book with the title “The Hour of our Turn: Street Kids and Circus Toys”, published by Hucitec (2007).

2009 is the debut of his solo “Eldorado” – dramaturgy by the Argentine artist Santiago Serrano and direction by Marcelo Lazzaratto. Criticism highlights his work: “impressive” (Veja magazine); “absolutely impeccable” (Critical Panel of the International Theatre Festival of São José do Rio Preto).

In 2010 he is awarded the “Myriam-Muniz-Prize”, by the Ministry of Culture of Brazil, which he uses to fund a show of his repertoire (solos, plays under his own direction, courses, technical demonstrations, book launching) in five Brazilian State Capitals. Still in 2010, he debuts “Chuva Pasmada”(“Stunned Rain”)in partnership with Grupo Matula Teatro, nominated by the Prize of the Cooperativa Paulista de Teatro (São Paulo Theatre Cooperative)as Best Cast.

2011 was the year when Okamoto brought his solo to Festival Fringe, in Scotland, where the strengh of the play could overcome the barriers of the language in a very unique way, being presented more than 15 times, even inside a Edinburgh´s church. Less than a year later he was invited to bring his Theater to the Miedzynarodowy Festiwal Teatromania in Poland, and in 2012 May “Now and in the Time of our turn” was showed in Bytom.

At this side of the Atlantic Ocean the programmation continues, and Okamoto travelled for a lot of cities through the Action Cultural Program of the Culture Secretary (PROAC), through the Prize of Nacional Foundation of Arts (Funarte) and the team for “Mostra Travessias Poéticas” – crossing poetical from Mia Couto. Nowadays he is the invited actor of Cia Teatro Balagan in São Paulo, where he shares the stage with Antonio Salvador and debuts “Recusa” (“Refusal”), directed by Maria Thaís.

He already taught at the Federal University of Santa Maria and at the Celia Helena Higher Art School. He was active in social projects with children, youngsters, elderly people, community leaders and street dwellers. 

In 2012 he assumes the post of Lecturer at the Department of Performing Arts in Unicamp.