A book containing the definition of all the existent things in the world. That would be the legacy of a writer to his firstborn son with an intellectual disability. And a desire: on the day of his death, all of the experience he had assembled within himself would stream into his son’s innocent spirit.

“OE” is inspired by the works of the Japanese novelist Kenzaburo Oe, especially by the novel “Rose Up Youg Men of the New Age!”.


ficha tecnica

Performance inspired by the work of Kenzaburo Oe

Director and Lighting Designer
Marcio Aurelio

Cássio Pires

Eduardo Okamoto 

Assistant Director
Lígia Pereira

Assistant Lighting Designer
Silviane Ticher

Corporal Consultancy
Ciça Ohno

Costume and Set Designer
Marcio Aurelio

Assistant Costume Designer
Maurício Schneider

Fernando Stankuns

Bruno Jorge | João de Barro Produção Independente

Graphic Design
Estúdio Claraboia

Pedagogical Supervision of the Project
Suzi Frankl Sperber

Executive Producer
Mariella Siqueira

Production Manager
Daniele Sampaio | SIM! Cultura

Running Time
70 min.