Followed by a “little girl”, a blind man searches what no other has ever found: Eldorado. The whole story can be summarised as that. Once upon a time there was a man who searched. In times and places of the trip, room be left for humanity – crossing.

“Eldorado” sets the normally untold story: out, at first sight. The show was born by the observation of reality, the interaction with makers and players on the fiddle, instrument of bow and strings, similar to the violin, present in many popular culture manifestations in Brazil. In this sense, it is an exercise for the eyes in order to see, to find poetry in the small everyday events. Between the margins of the story and history, “Eldorado” tries to recreate reality. Nonetheless, recreates ourselves.

It all started with the field work  in Iguape and Cananéia (cities on the South coast of São Paulo), the actor Eduardo Okamoto visited “rabequeiros” (fiddle players), collected stories, music, actions, gestures, voices, consolidating a performing repertoire, the base for the dramaturgic creation. From that starting point, the acclaimed Argentinian dramatist Santiago Serrano created a unique text. In order to wrap it all up, the director Marcelo Lazzaratto (from the Companhia Elevador de Teatro Panorâmico) orchestrated these creations of actor and author.

“Eldorado” speaks of these travelled territories. There, where the traveller is crossed  while crossing geographies. There, where every man is unique yet no different.




Design, research and acting
Eduardo Okamoto

Santiago Serrano

Direction and lighting
Marcelo Lazzaratto

Verônica Fabrini

Preparation on fiddle and Original Soundtrack
Luiz Henrique Fiaminghi

Suzi Frankl Sperber

Fernando Stankuns

Daniele Sampaio

60 min.