Eduardo Okamoto work like guest actor in “Recusa” (“Refusal”). This is a perfomance of Cia Teatro Balagan directed by Maria Thais. To know more about this show click here

Recusa was based on a report published by the Folha de São Paulo newspaper on the 16th. Sept.2008, on the appearance of two Piripcura indians – an ethnic group believed to have become extinct for over 20years. They were nomads who who wandered around the timber yards of the Northeast of Mato Grosso, in the vicinity of the town of Ji-Paraná, in the State of Rondônia, and avoided all contact with the white population. They were discovered because their laughter resounded in the forest as they told stories to each other while feasting on the freshly hunted game.

Recusa is narrated and sung from two viewpoints and their multiples: two Piripkura Indians; two native heroes, Pud and Pudleré, creators of beings; a priest who had been swallowed by a jaguar who decided to choose an unexpected dwelling; a farmer who killed an Indian and the same Indian, who killed him; a female singer who becomes lost in the jungle; Macunaíma and his brother; the Taurepang heroes; and many more.



Antonio Salvador e Eduardo Okamoto (ator convidado)

Maria Thaís

Luis Alberto de Abreu

Scenography and Costumes
Márcio Medina

Musical Director
Marlui Miranda

Davi de Brito

Butoh Preparation
Ana Chiesa Yokoyama

Assistant Director
Gabriela Itocazo

Scenography Assistant
César Santana

Lighting Assistant
Vânia Jaconis

Lighting Operator
Bruno Garcia

Production Director
Daniele Sampaio

Executive Production
Cia Teatro Balagan

Deborah Penafiel

Judite de Lima

Photografy, Graphic and promotional material
Ale Catan