A boy, who loves drawing, fights against a dragon which is now awake after sleeping for centuries and threatens to destroy his village. In other words: a boy is chosen among all the men of the village to face a terrible threat, thus a tradition at its core is safe: everybody needs to be ready at any moment.

That’s all. But it is not all about that: there are his parents, his first love, a hopeful village, a mouse met living close to the danger. If everything goes wrong, there will always be the possibility of drawing the strongest thing in the world!



Director and Lighting Designer
Marcelo Lazzarato

Cássio Pires

Eduardo Okamoto, Esio Magalhães, Luciana Mizutani

Kung Fu Instructor and Body Movement Designer
Luciana Mizutani

Marcelo Onofri

Henrique Cantalogo, Eduardo Guimarães, Marcelo Onofri

Recording Studio Technician
Mario Porto

Set Designer
Alan Chu e Cristina Sverzuti

Costume Designer
Fause Haten

Assistant Costume Designer
Anna Paula Abe

Prop Maker
Silvana Marcondes

Fernando Stankuns

Graphic Design
Estúdio Claraboia

Jonathas Beck / Artma Filmes

Press Office
Tiago Gonçalves (Campinas ), Fred de Paula – Nossa Senhora da Pauta (São Paulo)

Executive Producer
Mariella Siqueira

Production Manager
Daniele Sampaio / SIM! Cultura