Stunned Rain is a partnership between Eduardo Okamoto e Alice Possani of Grupo Matula Teatro.  

Undecided between heaven and earth, the rain doesn´t fall: like a suspended, slightly stunned, aerial drizzled. No one could remember an occurence like that. That place could be suffering a malediction. 

Stunned Rain brings to the stage the namesake tale from the Mozambican writer Mia Couto. However, the play does´t search for the image of an arid land in Africas ground; but glimpses inside the human relationships sparks of drops that don´t come.

 The Rain is the Grandfather that in a dry river wanes dreams of sailing to the sea. It is the Father who staunched at life, not being the oldest, but the most aged of all. It is the Mother while she whispers with the rain the mysteries of woman and water. The Rain is the Son dawning knowledge of life and death. It is the Aunt that without fulfiling tha matrimony season, shades herself to the cross and rosary pray. Like a flood without floor, this Rain is each one and, at the same time, all of us who are born being water and who will die being earth.

In the astonishment of a rain that doens´t fall, Stunned Rain hide to us the oposite imagem, like an enigma: dream and intention from a river remaining out from earth. In the endless of a flow that is always bearing again, we reivent ourselves to be always another ones. Stunned Rain remember us: there are river and canoe. Lets make ourselver the oars. 



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Original Tale 
Mia Couto  

Cássio Pires

Direction, Lighting and Sound 
Marcelo Lazzaratto

Alice Possani e Eduardo Okamoto  

Costume and Set Design 
Warner Reis

Michael Galasso  

Fernando Stankuns 

Paula Diana  

Daniele Sampaio and Grupo Matula Teatro 

70 min.